Timber Harvesting & Marketing

One of our main areas of expertise at Tottenham Timber is having years of in-depth knowledge and experience with regards to have Harvesting and Marketing of Timber, not only in Ireland, but throughout the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

We pride ourselves as providing an Independent, Professional and Transparent approach to business on a personal level. Our next job is only as good as our last and we aim to work with all clients and customers for the long term, advising and guiding them smoothly through their Forestry experience with an ultimate goal of getting the best returns for forest owners and the forest.

We work very closely with all timber markets in Ireland and continue a long-standing business relationship with them all. This is from small family run processing plants to the large scale private and state-owned processing facilities. As we are very strict on our selected few sub-contractors, we only work with the very best. This is ultimately extremely important so as a top grade of harvesting is completed and leading on from this, a timely manner of haulage is also required to get product to market.

Timber Harvesting & Marketing Services

  • Purchase of Timber Standing or Roadside
  • Thinnings to Clearfell
  • Professional, Practicable Advice
  • Felling Licence Applications
  • Forest Road Applications
  • Timber Log Import / Export Service
  • Reforestation Service

Due to the ever-expanding renewable energy sector in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, primarily Scotland. Tottenham Timber have been the preferred company used to complete all forestry and harvesting requirements since 2015 on several development sites. We have worked for most of the large-scale renewable energy development companies, and in doing so, have been achieving high results and attention to detail for the required works completed.

We have invested heavily on maintaining and certifying machinery and equipment, putting procedures in place to mitigate safety and environmental issues that may arise. Assuring clients that our measures are to the standard’s required on these sites and can confirm that we have a new level of Health and Safety compliance as required to work on ‘live’ construction sites as required.