About Tottenham Timber

TOTTENHAM TIMBER, a fully Irish owned business, established in 2003, set out primarily in Forestry Consultancy, Timber Harvesting & Marketing and Supply of Animal Bedding & Forest Residue Products. Primarily working within the Island of Ireland, our professionalism and attention to detail has led us to further contracts being carried out further afield in the United Kingdom, Mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

Tottenham Timber are currently one of Irelands leading providers of a broad range of forestry and forestry related products, showing a leading, unique & professional approach to our wide range of clients and customers. We run our own fleet of state-of-the-art harvesting and haulage equipment as well as using our own dedicated, reputable sub-contractors for both harvesting and haulage.

Within our Forest Product and Animal Bedding side of the business, Tottenham Timber are Ireland’s leading supplier, we produce and sell a range of products, to include Woodshavings, Woodchip, Bark Mulch and Sawdust. We provide various grades of material and have multiple delivery options and methods from Bales to Bulk deliveries. Products, depending on customer requirements, are dried, screened to various consistencies as required and packaged in different formats, also as required. Again we use state-of-the art drying equipment, automated balers and wrapping equipment. This combined, gives us the leading edge in getting quality products to customers on time.

Robin Tottenham

Robin Tottenham MSIF, director of TOTTENHAM TIMBER is a qualified forester as well as a member of the Society of Irish Foresters and Pro Silva Ireland. Coming from a purely forestry background from an early age, it is little that he has not experienced in these fields. Before setting up TOTTENHAM TIMBER, Robin worked with some of the world’s leading forestry companies, both in Ireland and the UK as well as abroad in Denmark, Finland and South America.

Safety Auditing & Forest Solutions (Safs)

Tottenham Timber’s sister company, Safety Auditing & Forest Solutions (Safs) was recently set up with a view of extending our range of expertise within the industry. Safs is rapidly growing as a leading company with the expertise we have in Health & Safety Management as well as our expanding Tree Surgery side of the business. Safs have extensive expertise in safety auditing and all other aspects of health and safety requirements within both the construction and forest industries.


Tottenham Timber offer a range of services
  • Forestry Consultancy

  • Timber Harvesting & Marketing

  • Animal Bedding & Forest Products

  • Firewood & Energy Crops

  • Forest Certification

  • Delivery Options