Harvesting & Marketing

TOTTENHAM TIMBER have extensive experience in both Harvesting and Marketing of Timber in Ireland as well as abroad. This is our main area of the business and we specialise in all aspects from 1st Thinning to Final Thinning to Clearfell. We supply to all the major sawmills and stake markets in Ireland.

We work very closely with the Farm Forestry Sector, however small an area or job may be. If working in an area, we try to arrange as many small jobs as possible to run together, so as to try and minimise our machinery moving costs and to increase the return for the Landowner.

We are always looking for timber to purchase, either Thinnings or Clearfell, in the form of a standing sale or timber at roadside. We provide a service for Application of Felling Licences and Roading Grants if necessary as well as other Forest Service Applications.

Due to an ever increasing market for softwood pulp, we are in a position to purchase pulp in all regions of Ireland.

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